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It's hard to rank your business higher in organic search engine results. You need to have a well-optimized website and backlinks from high-quality websites, but even then it's no guarantee that you'll show up at the top of the search results.

Even if you do everything right, you still might not rank higher than your competition. It can take weeks or even months of work to see any real changes in your rankings.
And if you're not an SEO expert, you might not even know where to begin. What if there was a way to give your business an edge, to make it more likely that you'll show up first in the search results?

Local Fury is the powerful tool that allows you to mimic real world interaction with Google Business profiles, giving your business a boost in the rankings.

What You Get

  • Click Through Rate via Brand Search & Keyword Search
  • Dwell Time - we show Google that users "stick"
  • Interaction with your GBP Data: services, reviews, photos, posts, about
  • ​Driving Directions & Navigation from profiles that "live" in your city!
  • Personalized 1 on 1 onboarding to help you get better results, faster. 
  • Up To 3 Custom In-House Entity Audits to make sure your GBP's get the power they deserve. Value = $1498
  • Local Fury Reporting including keywords in use, signals generated, & Real Time upon completion reporting if generating driving to location signals.

And To Make It Even Better

  • Your total setup time? 15 minutes!
  • Long lasting Results last and get stronger over time.
  • Safe. All "signals" that Local Fury provides emulates a real person
  • Local Search Grid Reporting - INCLUDED*
  • ​Advanced Bright Local Google Business reporting included & recommended

*United States only

Who We Are

I'm Bradley Benner, and I'm a local SEO expert. I've been working in the industry for over 14 years, trained hundreds of SEO's, and most importantly, I've used Local Fury to help my businesses and clients rank higher in the search results.

What We Do

Together with my partners at Local Fury, we've put together the power to rank Google Business Profiles with a 3-step simple to use process - the "LFP" process so you can rank higher, get more traffic, and see results faster.

Why Local Fury?

If you're looking to rank your local business higher in Google, there's no better tool than Local Fury. With our simple 3-step process, you can rank your Google Business Profile higher in the search results in as little as 72 hours. 

Plus, all of our signals mimic real world interaction, so you can be sure that your business will rank safely and effectively.

Don't wait any longer - get started with Local Fury today to take your business to the top of Google.

Avoid long hours of tedious work, strategies that don't pan out, and winding up several months later wondering why you didn't get results fast with Local Fury.


If you're not happy with Local Fury for any reason, we'll refund 100% of your purchase - no questions asked. We're that confident in the power of Local Fury to help you rank your business higher in Google.

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Can I Change The Google Business Profile After Placing My Order?

Yes, you can change the Google Business Profile associated with the order once per order per 90 days. Have a special need to change it sooner? Get in touch and we'll find a solution.

Can I Order In Bulk?

Yes, when you checkout you can select "10+" and choose how many profiles / locations you want to order for. Are you ordering 50+? Contact us at support @ for further details.

Do I Need Proxies To Use Local Fury?

No, there are no proxies needed.

Does Bright Local Reporting Cost Extra?

No, there is no additional charge - it is included along with the base service.

Can I Use Local Fury Outside Of The United States?

Yes, we can support countries outside of the US and your signals will come from profiles that "live" locally to that location.

Note that Bright Local local search grid reporting is limited and can only be provided where they offer that service.

How Do I Track Changes & Reporting?

Easily, everything is included in your Local Fury dashboard. Once you add your first location, all reporting will be set up and can be accessed at any time from your dashboard. No separate logins or manual work on your end.

Is This Just A Click Through Manipulation (CTR) Service?

No, CTR is just one of MANY engagement signals that we manipulate for higher Google Business profile ranking with Local Fury!

Results First Google Business Profile Rankings

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United States
Gainesville, VA 20156
© LocalFury 2022.
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